A lot of the lights you will see on this website, and at my home, are controlled by a PC. The software is called Vixen, a great public domain application designed by K.C. Much of the hardware, controllers were either designed by me, or by friends over at DIYC.


The software used to control my lights is called Vixen.



Fancy decorating your home with thousands of Christmas lights? What about syncronising those lights to music? Or maybe even building your display with a range of DIY projects and collaborative ideas? You're not alone! is home to a community of Christmas lighting enthusiasts who run or are considering to run a computerised lights display.



Want to know more about automated Christmas lighting? drop over the DIYC and check out the ideas, hear what others are up to, and new projects.

GPW 204556

Christmas only comes but one time per year! What to do the rest of the year? rebuild a June 1944 Ford GPW jeep. Have a look at the project via the Tabs above.



I am a member of the Victorian Military Vehicle Corps, and you can see my 'other' website.

The 2011 lights are on at Van Unen Crt, Doncaster East




The Lights are on!


Even though we have had some wet weekends, and a few storms, the lights are on!


There are a number of new items in the display.


Craig has added some new Inflatables.


There is some new hardware too. I used a J1sys DR4 E1.131 4 port router. This year, I have added another two to the network.


We also revamped the Mini-trees with all new LEDs.


Ray Wu's Pixels were used to make some interesting effects on the leaping arches and gutters. More needed for next year.


Read more about the lights here or our Blog here.



Lort Smith



This year, we again collected funds for a charity.


The Lort Smith Animal Hospital provides high quality veterinary care at a reduced cost for the pets of people in need as well as injured, stray and abandoned pets that have no-one to care for them.


THANKS to those who donated to the Collectors.



I have been decorating with Christmas lights for over 19 years.


Living in the United States, I was always amazed at the quality of their displays and I wanted to decorate my house. in 1991, I purchased a number of strings and started decorating the outside of our home in Georgia.


I brought my lights home and started decorating our house in Melbourne. The lights were 110 VAC, and I used a step-down transformer to power them.


The lights lasted a few years, and finally faded and failed.


In 2001, we moved into our current house, and I started decorating using the strings available locally. While pleasant, it was not as good as I had hoped for.


in 2006, by chance, I came across an article describing computer control of Christmas lights. I ordered a printed circuit board from Brian at DIYC.


treeBy Xmas 2007, I had a range of controllers, all under computer control, using the Vixen software.


On this site you will find details of the projects undertaken to bring Christmas to Melbourne.